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You are a place where your network turns to for support. We, as your partner want to supply you with the resources to help the organizations you work with.

How do you support your clients and networks to engage in abuse prevention during Child Abuse Prevention Month and beyond?



It takes everyone, the organizations, the families, and the communities you serve to prevent abuse. Encourage the organizations in your network to share their policies and procedures frequently, post online, and make them accessible to everyone. The more we educate those we serve, the more likely there will be notifications of boundary violations.



Many of you provide access to resources to help prevent abuse. Remind your networks of what is available to them. Whether it's staying up to date on abuse prevention tips available on the Praesidium blog, or access to training and screening solutions, every prevention step makes a difference.



Download the marketing kit. This kit includes:

  • QR Card: Use this card to help spread the word in your communities! You and your networks can print it as a flyer and leave it on your bulletin boards, post it in your lobbies or share the image through your social channels driving communities to access the resources.
  • Email Signature: We've created a button you can add to your email signature. Simply download the image, insert it in your signature template, and hyperlink it to
  • LinkedIn Banner: Use this banner to spread the word through your LinkedIn page.
  • Zoom/Teams Background: This image is perfectly sized to use as your background for all your video calls via Zoom or Microsoft Team
Download the Kit 


Go Blue!

Show our support for this important cause by wearing unified shirts throughout the month. By having your team wear these shirts, we can raise awareness about the issue of child abuse and encourage others to take a stand with us. Let's build unity and solidarity amongst team members while sending a powerful message to our community that we stand against child abuse. Together, we can make a difference and work towards a brighter future for all children.

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